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Project Description

AIDE (automata-identification engine) is a free open source tool for automata inference algorithms developed in C# .Net (so, to run the program, Microsoft .Net or Mono -e.g. in Linux- would be required).


Automata Learning

Automata-learning includes techniques to construct (learn/identify) model of a given -black box- system in which its underlying model is an automaton in an automatic way.

Like other -machine- learning approaches, it can be categorized as offline/passive and online/active way. The main focus of AIDE is to provide active automata-learning in which there is a teacher (also called oracle) who knows the model of system and is able to answer two kinds of queries: membership queries and equivalence queries.

Note that in black-box system, we do not have the underlying model of system and so, the there is no real oracle who can answer equivalence queries. So, we should provide a way to approximate the equivalence queries. The solution is usually using testing to approximate the equivalence queries.


The AIDE engine is using the Automata Tool and Testing Tool which both are developed in the context of AIDE project.



If you have any question/suggestion, or you need help regarding AIDE, do not hesitate to contact me (by sending an email to khalili**ir**gmail**com where you replace first, second and third ** by ".", "@" and "." respectively).

If you would like to report a bug or contribute to development of AIDE, of course the main way is using the Codeplex system, or you can just send me an email. 

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